Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 subcutaneous tissue

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PostSubject: subcutaneous tissue   subcutaneous tissue Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:52 pm

Clinical manifestations A few patients have severe pneumonia. The disease has been quietly with fever, coughing, weight and skin losses, which vary from door to borodavcatah, birds and izgyazwlennah entities for many weeks. The radiographic chest in 33% of patients were uzlovatae or pnevmoniceskie infiltrata. Infection can spread to the tank shell or brain. The defeat bones, prostate or testicular appendages similar to their defeat in tuberculosis. Diagnosis Focus on the basis of cultural studies at the mushrooming of patients, cancer, urine from wet testing, as well as on the results of histologic studies. Treatment All patients has chemotherapy. As with gistoplazmoze in distress within a designated amphotericin B. In the absence of cavities in the lungs accumulated dose amfoteritina B is 2 g; If found cavities in the lungs, total dose of 2.5 g. In light or moderate disease over without involving brain membrane therapy has ketokonazolom 400 mg per day with an increase to 800 mg / day after 1 month. Intrakonazol 200 mg / day or twice a day-care alternative. Duration of therapy or ketokonazolom intrakonazolom 6-12 months. Parakoktsidioidomikoz lung infection, previously called South blastomikoz caused by inhaling spores of a fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. However, in South and Central America, as well as in Mexico. Clinical Application of compressed izgyazwlenia in oral cavity, rotoglotke the membrane envelope of the larynx and nose, enlarged lymph nodes, skin and genitals, productive cough, respiratory distress and treatmentoptions, sometimes fever. The radiographic light-picture bilateral pneumonia. Diagnosis Focus on the basis of culture positive, get infected mucous membranes. Seropositive information can be useful. Treatment with difficult period shows ketokonazol inside the dose 400 mg / kg / day for 1 year. Intrakonazol gives similar results. A more difficult course of intravenously injecting amphotericin B, and then the course of preparation inside. Sporotrihoz light Infection occurs when skin fungus Sporothrix schenckii in the subcutaneous tissue as a result of traumatic skin. The homes, horticulture, garden workers exposed to the risk of working, in particular, with the flowers and other plants with thorns. Characteristically an almost painless red papul related to the introduction of infection, and then over a period of weeks defeated the proksimalno along lymph ways. Diagnosis put on the culture and get a skin biopsy. Patients appoint divorced solutions of potassium iodide, in the interior of gradually increasing dose, a day around 4,5-9 Jr. Appropriate intrakonazola reception. In vnekozhnom process shows amphotericin B. Kriptokokkoz light Drojjepodobne mushrooms Cryptococcus neoformans surrounded by large polysaccharide capsule and humans rights through inhalation.
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subcutaneous tissue
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