Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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The conservative hemostasis a антианемическую therapy : Designate iron supplements, vitamins C and Group B. Preventing juvenile recidivism MQM seeks to shape овуляторного regular menstrual cycle, a outpatients. The optimum use of drugs estrogen-gestagennah type of oral contraceptives. These drugs to be promoted to the first three menstrual cycles to 1 pill from the 5th-25th day of the менструальноподобной reaction, and then for the next three cycles 16th to the 25th day cycle. Also applied норколут-to 5 mg per day from 16th to the 25th day menstrual cycle in a period of four to six months. Those over 16 years of age with juvenile emergent bleeding may be nominated drugs кломифена (кломифенцитрат, клостильбегит) at 25-50 mg from the 5th-9th day cycle for three months under the control of basal temperature. Is also иглорефлексотерапию to stimulate ovulation, electrical cervix to Давыдову, интраназальный electrophoresis vitamin B1 or новокаина, whirl massage паравертебральных zones. She stressed the importance of measures aimed at improving the body : rehabilitation centers infections (dental caries, тонзиллит etc.), закаливание and physical education (mobile games, gymnastics, skis, skates, swimming), good nutrition limiting fatty and sweet food in витаминотерапия winter period (аевит, vitamins B1 and C). Patients with juvenile bleeding should be under medical observation gynaecologist. Forecast at the appropriate therapy favourable. The adverse impact on the development of the body at puberty may have anaemia. In the absence of adequate treatment of the ovaries can cause infertility (эндокринное infertility), a significant increase in the risk of аденокарциномы uterus. Preventing juvenile bleeding includes zakalivanie from an early age, physical training, nutrition and sensible sequencing of work and recreation, prevention of infectious diseases, particularly angina, timely rescue hotbeds of infection. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding reproductive period. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding reproductive years is close to 30% of all gynecological diseases encountered at the age of 18-45 years. Among the disorders cyclical гипоталамус-гипофиз-яичники-надпочечники system, the end result of which is ановуляция ановуляторные and bleeding, can be violations of hormone homeostasis of abortion, and the endocrine, infectious diseases, интоксикациях, stress admission of certain medications (such as derivatives фенотиазина). In dysfunctional uterine artistic methods reproductive years, as opposed to juvenile bleeding in exported more is not атрезия and persistence фолликулов with abnormal estrogen products. The овуляция not occurred, a yellow body is not formed секреция progesterone negligible. There progesterondefitsitno e state in the face of absolute or relative increasingly гиперэстрогении. As a result of the increase in the duration and intensity of uncontrolled oestrogen influences in the development endometrii giperplasticskie changes; Mostly jeleuzisto-kistosnaya giperplazia. There is a rapid increase in the risk of sale аденоматозной hyperplasia and аденокарциномы endometrium. Bleeding comes from necrotic and инфарктных sites гиперплазированного endometrium caused by the violation circulatory : expansion receptacles стазом, DVT. The intensity of bleeding depends to a large extent on local changes hemostasis. During bleeding in эндометрии фибринолитическая increased activity declining education and the prostaglandin F2α causing suffering pressure increases the prostaglandin E2 for promoting receptacles and простациклина to inhibit aggregation of platelets. Clinical presentation depends кровопотери and anaemia; In the long-term artistic methods developed gipovolemia and a change in the system gemokoagulyatsii. Diagnosis MQM reproductive age are only after deleting diseases and pathological states in which may also occur breeding bleeding : damaged маточная pregnancy, the delay of amniocentesis eggs in the uterus, placental polyp, миома uterus with подслизистым or межмышечным location unit polyps endometrium, the internal endometriosis (аденомиоз), endometrium cancer, ectopic (tubal) pregnancy (or progressive went to a Tube abortion), policistosnye ovaries, endometrium damage intrauterine contraceptive when wrong or because of faeces with a long wearing. In order to determine the cause of bleeding is important history. Thus, the availability of infertility anovulatornogo reference to the juvenile bleeding should be seen as an indirect confirmation of the nature of dysfunctional bleeding. The cyclical nature of bleeding is a sign of bleeding caused by uterine myoma, полипах endometrium, аденомиозе. For adenomioza are intense pain at the time of bleeding, in irradiirute krestec, rectum, lumbar. Diefferencialno-diag osticescie data can be obtained by inspection. Thus, гипертрихоз and obesity-typical symptom поликистозных ovaries. The main stage of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of a separate scraping mucous membrane channel cervix and corpus uteri.
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