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 maternity hospitals

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PostSubject: maternity hospitals   maternity hospitals Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:31 pm

Due to the heavy iron fabrics breast eight process it is developing in all its diversity and severity inherent in ferruginous bodies. Specific purulent process ferruginous bodies was slightly ability to otgranicent and almost unbridled proliferation involving inflammation of a growing number of ferric tissue. This proliferation often stops and the radical opening fire, after which formed a growing number of abscesses in parenhime gland. Some patients iron immediately to how infiltrirovanna many small gnanikov, i.e. develops truly infiltration parenhima gland, which becomes, as it were, in a sponge filled gnoem. This usually leads to necrosis of the affected gland and massive seizures, which gradually extinguished upon neporajennykh segments. Described patolyanatomiceski e of the relatively rare. Even less is gnilostnoe defeated breast accompanied by the septic reaction. These forms can quickly lead to the death of the patient, if not will be made early and radical intervention (wide open, or, in the most severe cases, amputation cancer), and strong antibiotikoterapia. Clinical presentation clinical mastita picture can be divided into the following phase (development pat.processa) : 1) serosnaya initial phase of development mastita; 2) acute infiltratius phase; 3) abszedirovania phase; 4) flegmonosnaya phase; 5) gangrenoznaya phase mastita development. For each phase is a special clinical picture. Rational treatment, in most cases, to tear the mastita on the phase of development, in which the patient was hospitalized, in which a cure. However, a number of patients that failed, and then it develops phase of the process. Patients with serous phase mastita lactation, which is the initial phase, usually remain under the supervision of midwives maternity hospitals or treated in maternity clinics and surgical clinics clinics, it is in the surgical separation of almost none. The clinical picture of the various phases mastita has its own characteristics. Serous initial phase mastita characterized by the appearance of pain in the breast, increase temperature to 39,5-39 . When feeding a child less willing boy iron beds. During the inspection there was a noticeable increase in its with full contours. Leather is a common kind. Only comparative palpation is the greater elasticity and diffuznuu pain affected cancer, as compared with healthy. Patients in this phase process typically patient received. In this phase particularly dangerous stalemate milk, which leads to stagnation venoznomu and assist in a speedy transition mastita in the second phase. The feeding breastmilk or milk from diseased gland contributes to the rapid development of purulent mastita. In zapazdavanii or inappropriate treatment process progresses and becomes severe infiltrativuyu phase. There oznoba in gland produces sharp painful infiltration with unclear boundaries, the entire iron increases significantly skin over it redder.
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maternity hospitals
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