Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 profound shift

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PostSubject: profound shift   profound shift Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:31 pm

Monday accelerated to between 30 and 40 mm per hour, leucocytosis increased to 10-12 * 109/l. There is a sense of tension and pain in the affected gland, are headaches, insomnia, weakness, patients lose their appetite. Underarm lymph nodes are increasing and become painful. In cautious, but thorough palpation infiltrata normally not the pockets of softening him fluctuation. Abszedirutaya phase mastita develops when the total and local therapy is stopped process in the phase infiltrata not contribute to the opposite development. There is a proliferation of clinical phenomena : Monday is 50-60 mm / h, leucocytosis up to 15-16 * 109/l, chills increased, the temperature is raised to 39 . There has been a sharp red leather breast and the subcutaneous venous network regionarnae lymph nodes increased and become painful. Infiltration cancer distinguishable and easy palpiruetsa. In nagnoenia in infiltrata the fluctuation. Flegmonosnaya mastita phase is characterized by a sharp deterioration of the overall state increase in temperature to 38 oznobami repetitive, often accompanied by septicakimi phenomena, language and lips dry, patients complain of insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite. Skin covers rituals, dairy iron increased pastosna, leather it giperemirovana, glorious, sometimes with zianoticnam nuance, and thus nadavlivanii temperature. There is a sharp increase in subcutaneous veins and often limfangoita phenomenon. Nipple being trapped. The process involves all or most of the gland. In palpation is pastosnosti and lands fluctuation in several places. Lymphopenia raised to 17-20 * 109/l. Monday accelerated to 75 mm per hour. The leukocyte formula has been left with the eosinophilia and limfopenia. Urine 0.6-0.9 grams of protein, 40 to 50 cells in the field of view, 10-15 cells and isolated granular and gialinove cylinders. Gangrenoznaya mastita phase is usually in patients who later sought medical treatment, or as a result of the development of atherosclerosis and stagnation in receptacles breast, or in long-term care at clinics without deterioration of the situation and the process. This often leads to the spread of infections and to the development of the next more difficult gangrenozna mastita phase. Patients are in a very serious condition. The temperature is raised to 40-40,5 . Pulse 110-120 times per minute, a weak filling. Language and lips, dry, intact skin pale. Patients complain of a general weakness, malaise and headaches, lack of appetite and poor sleep. Milk iron increased otecna, painful, pastosna. Leather and bledno-zelenogo sine-bagrovogo colors, places covered with bubbles, in some areas, necrosis of the skin. Nipple suck, no milk, often in the healthy breast. Regional lymph nodes enlarged and painful. Lymphopenia to 20-25 * 109/l, a profound shift leukocyte formula left Monday accelerated to 70 mm per hour. Blood pressure drops. Urine to 0.9 grams of protein, leikozita, blood, and gialinove granular cylinders. Prevention mastitov essentially boils down to the prevention of cracks and exkoriation nipples, which are usually in the first two weeks postpartum period, and the treatment of them when they come. Correct the breast and nipples to feeding the child usually prevents injuries and exkoriation nipples. This must warn pregnant at the prenatal clinic the first time. In the first place, it is necessary publegigienicescie procedure. The daily obtirati breasts water temperature 18-20 with soap and subsequent vtiraniem towel.
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profound shift
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