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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 after feeding

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PostSubject: after feeding   after feeding Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:25 pm

To prevent sdavljenia mammary glands and stagnation are needed as they increase with the development of pregnancy increase lifchikov and not waist glands. Since the second half of pregnancy are air baths : women had to be on the bed with an open-feeding within 20 minutes. In order to improve the general condition of the body and its resistance to infection that in the last two months of pregnancy in 1-2 days total exposure to ultraviolet rays. Very important it is good food, with plenty of vitamins. With flat back and nipples need special training in the form of a loop washed hands. The midwife, in consultation trains this pregnant, which then produces pulling nipples themselves. The fatty skin to wash dairy iron's water, as expressed dry skin coat of grease clean vazelinovm oil. After birth cracked nipples are usually due to poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, in the absence of this public events wrong caring for babies, violation feeding method and the rough szezivania milk hands. To prevent cracks in the nipples feeding the child should wash daily breasts water child soap and clean towels special. Very important is the frequent change of linen and special punctuality in the hand hygiene. It is important to strictly abide by the rules of breastfeeding : mother must sit (with 5-6-go days after childbirth), podlojiv under the back seat, the child must seize not only the nipple, but also much of okolososkovgo circle. When cracks coat, it should be borne in mind that they are always accompanied by a more or less pronounced inflammatory response that has been maintained continuously repeated annoyance of the public and bacteria and sometimes yeast infection. If cracks in the nipples feeding the child, it is possible to use the lining of wide base. Off to handle one of the following ways : 1. Before each feeding nipple and okolososkovi circle komoccom wipe clean cotton or gauze wetted 1% solution smell of alcohol and dried prikladavaniem (but not protiraniem) to the dry wood; After such a child a chest. After feeding nipple to wipe and dried as before feeding; After the woman with an open-feeding is lying air bath for 15-20 minutes. 2. Before feeding nipple not respond, but after each feeding cuticles 1% solution metilenovogo blue 60 alcohol, and then a woman with an open-feeding within 15 to 20 minutes (air bath). In drojjevom Acne nipples be lubricated cracks and skin environmental 2% aqueous solution or pioktanina genzianvioleta; In the hard cases, it is necessary to check the balance of vitamins and with the lack of one or the other of them to appoint a reception preparation (especially vitamin C). When cracked nipples must be worn shorts is one of the important lechebno-prophylactic Exploitation activities.
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after feeding
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