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 changes in the structure and function

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PostSubject: changes in the structure and function   Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:30 pm

in the history of patients HAG is an acute viral hepatitis; 3), in HAG expressed identifies changes in the structure and function of the liver-and zitoliticeski holetsaticeski syndromes, signs of liver failure, gipersplenizm and then portal hypertension; 4), with matching liver failure is not very frequent and proceeds in the form of hepatitis light jet (with moderate signs zitoliticski syndrome); 5), HAG identified markers of viral liver damage (antiviral antibodies and the viral antigen). When infected endocardite (it is a primary value) quickly reveals heart failure (lack of aortalni or mitral valve), pronounced effect antibioticescoy therapy; Le-kletki, antibodies to the DNA chain is not found. Having held seeding blood identifies growth pathogenic microflora. In trombozitopenicescoy purpure (idiopathic, or symptomatic), many syndromes observed in the currency, there is no fever, no typical laboratory signs (Le-kletki, ANF, antibody DNA). The most complex differentiation with other nozologicakimi forms from the group DZST.

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changes in the structure and function
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